Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have been so excited about this movie. We have Netflix and I have had it ready for weeks to arrive today (the release date). I actually saw Kirk Cameron on The Today Show awhile back promoting this movie. I knew I wanted to see it then. The movie sparked my attention (all of the actors were volunteers and didn't get paid), but the way he talked about his wife made me even more curious. Watch it here http://www.truveo.com/Kirk-Cameron-on-family-new-film/id/2608208132 You just don't find that in Hollywood much.

Anyway, Bryan and I watched it tonight (and we're buying it). It's a great movie. I recommend it to those who are married (even if you have a good marriage) and even to those who aren't married, but one day may be married. Let me know what you thought about the movie.

So, my next post will be about marriage and what I've learned about being married so far. :) I'm sure Bryan will be curious about this one. LOL

Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you know who you are?

The LORD says..."I have summoned you by name; you are mine."

--Isaiah 43:1

I've struggled for a long time with posting things about my faith on this blog. I haven't wanted to offend anyone or push my beliefs. However, I'm at the point in my life and walk where it's more important to me to share this. I struggle with confidence and wanting to please others. It's my nature to need approval. I work with young girls on a daily basis who also battle with this. Many of them struggle with self image and knowing who they are. Building self esteem starts at home. I know this and I work with my families on this. Tonight I wonder...what will I do that will impact my daughter's self worth. My actions, my words, my example influences her even at 13 months. My prayer is that God will guide me while helping to shape this precious little girl.

One more thought for today. Relationships are so important to us. I love my friends. In fact, I recently have reconnected with some of my dearest friends in the world. I simply adore my husband and family means the world to me. But, why do we let relationships with other people take precedence over a relationship with God. I'm guilty of this, but it's foolish to expect other people to supply what only God can.

I'm a little nervous about admitting my struggles and flawdness to the world. I'm learning lessons about myself that I want Ella Claire to learn much earlier in her life. I'm inpatient. I'm selfish. I'm too sensitive at times. I worry too much and sweat the small stuff. I'm not always as kind as I should be. I'm but I am HIS. (and I'm working on the rest. )

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things I want Ella to know about her Mommy....

I have been SICK (all last weekend and some this week). I mean in the bed sick...asleep for 48 hours...only venturing out to visit the potty and fridge. So, I was extremely thankful that Bryan was off to help with Ella Claire and help take care of me.

Before I got to the "sleep it off" stage, I was tossing and turning and had a lot of time to think because I didn't feel like doing anything else. Bryan and I also watched The Family Man (one of our favs) which got me to thinking.

What things would I want Ella Claire to know about me, if something were to happen to me? I know this is a sad thing to sit and ponder on, but I'm a planner. So it's important to me to make preparations and talk about these things with Bryan. Before we went to sleep last night I asked Bryan to tell me some of the things that he would tell Ella Claire about me......should something happen. Before I knew it tears were pouring down. It was just so overwhelming. We talked forever about things that we would want the other one to share with Ella Claire. Oh, how I pray that we never have to go through something like that. 

I'm thinking about starting a journal to her though. I just feel this tugging at my heart. A have a few clients who lost their mother in an accident when they were small. I have a best friend who lost her mother to cancer. My father-in-law lost his mother when he was only 14 to cancer. It's important to me that Ella Claire know me, know my likes and dislikes, my quirks, my faults. So, I'm also going to start writing other things on this blog. This started out with the intent of being mainly about her as a way to document her first year and let relatives keep up with her. I've seen blogs made into little keepsake books and that has been my intent since I started. I've just tried to stay away from certain topics. However, I may blog about different things in the future. 

If you read my blog often please remember: 1. This is something I am starting to help my daughter have a better glimpse of who I am. I have decided to share some things with my readers (who may all be my immediate family), but my audience is truly one.  2. You don't have to agree with me. I hope I do not offend anyone. However, I have friends who I completely disagree with on many issues, but I continue to have great respect for them. They challenge me. 3. I may write more about things that are on my mind. I have always loved writing. It's my therapy! 

I realized through all of this how lucky I am to "know" my mother. I know....... she is a night-owl. She is a wonderful cook. I know she can't ride five minute in the car without falling asleep. I know she enjoys coaching cheerleading. I know she's loyal. I know she loves Gone With the Windand Patricia Cornwell. She is addicted to eBay and shopping for her girls, Bree and Ella. She's the only woman my Daddy has ever loved. She loves peanut m&m's and every once in awhile a payday. (do you remember those?) She drives too fast and therefore stops too fast. :) She tries to be good to everyone, but has learned over the years to take up for herself. She wants to do the right thing. She's human. She's not perfect. In fact, she hurts my feelings sometimes, but I'm just glad she's here to hurt my feelings. I can't imagine who I would be today or what my life would have been like without her. I love you, Mom. 

Bryan and I are watching Fireproof this week. I can't wait!

I'll leave you with a picture of my little dear........

The Benner Daily is having another Give Away!!!

I almost forgot to blog about this since we've been sick, but checkout The Benner Daily www.shealynnbenner.blogspot.com. This week you can win one of 3 vinyl lettering sayings for your home from the Wonderfully Wordy Vinyl Lettering. Head on over to her site for details! :) She has great giveaways and makes great camera strap slipcovers (I have one). :) Hurry though...the giveaway ends tonight.

I hope to catch up on blogging tonight, but housework (actually Bryan) is calling my name at the moment.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A little happy for me...

Ella Claire has been sick-o. She had her 1st ear infection last week and really has just not been herself for about two weeks now. Then, last night she broke out in HIVES. She was pitiful and I was a mess. LOL I've had a crazy week with work. Now, I'm not feeling so great myself, but two people have really tried to cheer me up.

My hubby - I'll post the story later, but he FINALLY pulled a great surprise off. We honestly have a hard time keeping secrets...even good ones, like Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts. He did this time though for 3 whole days (that's a record for us). LOL He bought ME a new camera (just because), but HE can't stop playing with it. Wes says I'm so spoiled! :) In fact, I think she called me a brat. LOL 

Sweet Kandice Patrick - Thanks so much for my new camera strap slipcover. I LOVE IT. Kandice knew how bad I have been coveting one of these and sent me an email saying that she had something for me. I've entered about 10 contests to try and win one of these....and now I have one.  She has also been working so hard on my goodies that I won in her giveaway. Sooo cute! I'll post pictures later, but I'm off to get warm in cozy and slip away into dreamland. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another great giveaway

Check out my button to the side for all the details to a great giveaway. SHEY B and Jiggety Jig have teamed up on this one and....I covet one of these camera straps (especially since my brand new Nikon arrived today). YIPEE 
Great giveaway ladies!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lovely Lauren....

Another sweet girl begins her last round of treatments today. YIPEE!! Lauren you are in my thoughts and prayers also. 

Prayers for Andy

My sweet baby has been sick for the first time (just with a little ear infection). However, it has really made me think about what this family has been through. I simply cannot imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I pray today brings good news.  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Family Pictures

The amazingly talented Dawn Winton has finished with our Matheny Family pictures. We gave Jack and Katie this session for Mother's/Father's Day last year and were finally able to get the whole crew together in November. Click on Dawn's link to see the end results. She is so talented!!!

I'm sad to see how much my baby girl has grown since the beginning of November though. Where does the time go? She was taking steps on her own then.....and literally took off the week after these pictures. She hasn't slowed down since.

Thanks, Dawn.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playing outside today.....

I can't believe it's this warm in January. 

Isn't she beautiful?

.....even with a big bruise on her forehead?

Ella Claire and Aiden

8 days apart.........
They are crazy about each other. However, I have noticed a pattern when they are together. Ella Claire cannot keep her hands off of him. LOL

Thursday, January 1, 2009


"Out With the Old, In With the New" giveaway - Shabby Creations is giving away some super cute pre-made blog designs. Check out www.shabbycreations.blogspot.com for all the details.

Good Luck!

Giveaway #2

Kandice is giving away some goodies also. She made several things for me (my mom and sis too) this Christmas. They were all beautiful. Visit her at www.valuedembellishments08.blogspot.com

Giveaway #3

The Vintage Pearl is hosting a give away by Priddy Creations. I happen to be just dying for a new camera (if I can only convince Ella Claire's other parent). I figure if I win the camera strap.....it will be my chance to convince him that I need a new camera to go with. :) Visit www.thevintagepearl.blogspot.com for details. I'm in love with the black and white damask. The runner-up also gets a pair of beautiful pearl earrings. You can never go wrong with pearls. I think I love pearls....more that diamonds......well........maybe they are tied. Pearls are just so classic and "ladylike."

PS....B - If you are reading this.....buydig.com has a really good deal right now....LOL

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