Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free at Last, Free at Last

........from kidney stones, that is. Okay funny story, Sunday night I received a call from my friend Julie LaForte. Check her out at and soon her new children's store in the plaza. She was calling to give me her at-home solution for kidney stones. She has had them twice and this method worked both times for her. I'm pretty sure she said she even paid for this.

2 six packs of coca-cola (must be the real stuff)

6-8 oz. of pureed asparagus

Drink the "coke" within two hours. Within 30 minutes after finishing the last coke drink the asparagus puree.

When I got off the phone I was prepared for Bryan to laugh and in the most loving way tell me to jump in a lake. However, he did not. Much to my surprise after reading a few other success stories on the web he headed out to Newtown Foodland to purchase everything we needed. Once he returned home with 2 liters instead of cans of coke (he made sure he had enough), 2 cans of asparagus (since the store did not have any fresh), and lemon juice (he thought it would help the taste of the asparagus...not sure why he thought that) he sat down and started chugging the "coke." Keep in mind that Bryan hasn't drank any soft drinks in over a year. He downs half the bottle in about 30 minutes and says he can't do it. He keeps telling me there is no way he can drink that much "coke" and that he's going to throw up. I try to encourage him to keep going. We then cook the asparagus and puree it. I love fresh asparagus (grilled), but Bryan can't stand it in any form. So, I knew that this would be interesting. He starts gagging from the smell, but manages to get about 1/4 of it down. Picture this: A grown man holding his nose drinking pureed asparagus from a blender doing the pee pee dance because he has just drank 144 ounces of coca cola. I was hysterical! Bryan stops drinking the puree and says I can't drink anymore. (Did I mention that I read not to go to the bathroom until everything has been consumed?) After some serious bribing, we make a deal. He said, if I would drink some....then, he would finish it off. No problem, right? Wrong! He has added about half the bottle of lemon juice and it smelled (and tasted) horrible, but we did it. And the even better news is...he passed the kidney stone. I know it's crazy that it worked, but all we know did. YIPPEE! I sooooo wish he had let me video this. :)

Bryan said later, "Well, Doc, there's your 20%! Thanks, Julie, you made believers out of us.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hooray for mother-in-laws!

What an awful week I've had. Bryan still has kidney stones. He went to his doctor on Wednesday and the doc seemed pretty concerned and wanted him to go to Murfreesboro that afternoon. The Dr. told Bryan that he should have already passed them and put him on morphine for pain (since his pain meds haven't been helping him), an antibiotic and phenegrin. They couldn't see us in Murfreesboro until the next afternoon. So, on Thursday the urologist told Bryan that his stone is not shaped liked most kidney stones and that he only has a 20% chance of passing it. He said that he could go ahead and have the surgery on Friday, but more than likely they would have to put a stint in his kidney during the surgery. Bryan decided to come home one more time and try to pass it on his own. If he hasn't passed it by Tuesday, he has to go for the surgery anyway (probably on Wednesday). I'm praying that he passes it before Tuesday, but I'm really just ready for this to be over with one way or another. I had no idea that kidney stones were this big of a deal.

Another major stressor this week has been childcare. Keep in mind that Ella Claire has only stayed with my mom or Wes (on my side) or Bryan's mom or sister (on his side) for a couple of hours here and there. (Edit....Nini and Granny Mac kept her once while I was at my meeting in Cookeville.) My point is....Bryan or myself have usually been with her. We haven't been away from Ella Claire, but a handful of times. We feel guilty about leaving her with anyone else and really just don't want to miss a minute with her if we don't have to. I'm really lucky that I get to make my own schedule and have lots of flexibility with my job. However, Monday mornings I have a meeting in Cookeville that lasts around an hour or so. Bryan and I (and Aunt Wes) have been able to keep Ella Claire with us since she was born, but now that school is about to start back. I'm going to need some help with Ella Claire at least on Mondays. I thought I was going to start Ella Claire in a small daycare a couple of days a week (for my meetings and school visits) but after one horrible week. I'll spare you all the details, but let me just say...... I have had arguments (with family members and non family members), nightmares and crying spells about this matter. Nothing is set in stone yet, but my MIL is a GODSEND (and if she's reading this.....Aunt Veronica is too.)

Update on Ella Claire- She turned 7 months on Wednesday. Where has the time gone? I've been busy brainstorming for her 1st birthday and buying fall/winter clothes. I can't believe I'm buying 12 month stuff.

SHE'S CRAWLING! She shows minimal interest in sitting up. I think because she's too nosey. She can when she wants to, but she'd much rather be getting into everything which she can't do if she's stationary.

SHE'S A WATER BABY! We've finished week 1 of swimming lessons and she loves them. She hasn't cried the first time (not even after having her face dunked in the water).

I'll try and post some updated pictures soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I met Alexander today.

I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day......I think I'll move to Australia!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

I am so glad to be home. It seems like we have been on the road for weeks now. We had so much fun on our beach trip. Then, it was home for our annual 4th of July party at Mom and Dad's and also for Ella Claire's 6 month pictures and check-up. Then, it was off to east Tennessee for a few days. Bryan had a work conference. So, Ella Claire and I tagged along with him. We had a great time, but are really glad to be back.

Since we've been home, it has been one thing after another. Bryan got sick with kidney stones this week and we had to make a trip to the ER. Bryan never goes to the doctor. I mean NEVER. So, when he was on the floor in pain I knew it was bad. It was interesting trying to get loaded to go to the ER with a baby. Bryan has laughed (since he's feeling better) about me #1. trying to pack Ella Claire a bag (men just don't understand that we have to carry everything but the kitchen sink with us when we have babies.. diapers, wipes, bottles, baby food, clothes, etc. ) #2 telling him to hold on while I brush my teeth. #3 driving the speed limit to the hospital.

Ok...Bryan wakes me up by yelling my name from downstairs. I get to him and he can barely talk, but tells me to call his Dad that he needs to go to the ER. He's thinking that Big Jack can get him there quicker in his police car. I call Jackie and tell him. He's trying to throw some clothes on and get to our house and yes, his sirens are on. LOL In the meantime Bryan says he can't wait for him and that we need to "GO NOW." I call mom and tell her to meet me at the hospital to get Ella Claire. We get loaded and pass Jackie. He turns around and is behind us. So, even though he's my father-in-law I'm trying to not speed with the sheriff behind me. (Did I mention that I hate driving anyway?) He finally took charge though because he passed me, turned on his lights and motioned for me to follow him. We even ran a red light! Just a perk of being married to the sheriff's son! :) LOL Bryan was in so much pain, but one good thing came out of it. He told me that he appreciates me even more because at the hospital they compared kidney stones in men to having a baby. He said if that's what a contraction is like, he could never do it! I could have told him that.

We did have time in the middle of everything to see The Dark Knight. Nanny (Bryan's mom) came to our house and kept Ella Claire while we went to the drive in. I must say it was the best Batman yet. I was a Health Ledger fan already, but he was fantastic in this role. For someone who works in the mental health field I was enthralled with his performance.

We have a busy week planned. We are looking forward to Mommy and Me swimming lessons in Manchester each night. Tomorrow we have our weekly dinner at the Matheny's. We have a consignment sale on Tuesday, Ella turns 7 months on Wednesday, and a party on Thursday. Whew...I'm tired just thinking about it.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Visit to the Doc

Ella Claire had her 6 months checkup yesterday. She did so well. She only cried right after nurse Cindy gave her 3 shots. She was back to laughing and playing before we ever left the office.

Here are her 6 months stats:

Weight: 17.2 pounds 66%
Height: 26 inches 50%
Head Circumference: 43 1/2 cm 95%

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My gifted child!

Well, Ella Claire's 1st tooth came through today. We knew while we were on vacation that her mouth was bothering her. She had been drooling and chewing on everything for awhile now. We just weren't sure when it would actually break through.
We had her 6 months pictures made this afternoon and she just happened to look up at me with a big gummy smile and I saw it for the 1st time.
She also said mama for the 1st time last Wednesday. I had heard her and thought to myself there is no way, but we were at Bryan's parents house and Katie heard her. Then on our trip Aunt Wes couldn't believe it either, but Ella Claire showed off for her too.
Last night at church Ella Claire was sitting in Gran's lap and said da da. I just brushed it off, but my mom said, "she just said da da!" I forgot to tell Bryan last night, but when he went to get her this morning from her room she said it again. He came running upstairs to tell me.
I'm so proud! I think she's gifted. LOL
No, really I was talking in sentences by the time I was one. Ella Claire doesn't say either one consistently and she may just be mimicking what she hears, but it sure makes us feel good.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Beach Pictures

Our matching dresses for the wedding.
The Matheny Family
Silly girls playing under the table.
Aunt Wes painting Ella Claire's toes for the very 1st time. :)
Bim, Gran and the girls

We're back!

We are glad to be home, but we love SEASIDE. I think we've found our yearly vacation spot. We had a great trip. We drove to Birmingham the first day and spent the night with my Aunt Mel. She has a pool. So, we got to hang out there and swim all afternoon. Ella Claire and Bree love the water. (Thanks, Aunt Mel and Uncle Sam for letting us come crash with you all!)

Then, the next morning we (Wes, Bree, Granny Mac, Aunt Mel, Bryan, Ella Claire and myself) all headed out. I am so proud of Ella and Bree. They really couldn't have been any better. They sat side by side and played all the way there and back. Ella Claire is just in awe of Breelyn. Gran and Bim didn't get there until late Saturday morning due to Mom being at cheerleading camp all week. Thanks to Aunt Mel and Bim for everything. You made Ella Claire's (and ours) first vacation wonderful.

We enjoyed our time at the beach and experienced our 1st beach wedding. I'm thinking Wes needs to get married at the beach now. We got to spend some time with lots of family. Aunt Carole and Eric, a.k.a George, we had so much fun with you guys. We ate like kings and queens the whole time. I'll try and post more later, but I am so tired.

We're gearing up for the annual Hillis' 4th bash. My mom goes all out every year.

Ella Claire has her 6 month pictures tomorrow. So stay tuned!

PS-To one of my friends.....YIPEE. I told you to think positive. :)

Be our friend......

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