Thursday, June 26, 2008

And we're off......

to the beach. I'm so excited! Ella and Bree's 1st trip to the beach, a beach wedding, some great shopping, good food and lots of family. Cross your fingers that Ella Claire does well with the drive. Have a great week!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Sweet Girl

My Ella Claire is 6 months old day!
We adore our princess.

I had no idea when others told me to "hold on because the first year flies by" that it would actually go so fast. We're just half way there, but it has literally flown by.
Since she is basically a Christmas baby Bryan and I have promised to make her birthdays and"half birthdays" extra special. I think because she'll always get gypedthat she deserves to celebrate twice a year, don't you? I hate that she'll always be out of school on her day and that means cupcakes and such at school will never be on her actual birthday. Plus, parties will be hard that close to Christmas with lots of traveling going on those days. Not to mention the birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper and "oh, here is your birthday/Christmas present". I vow to never do those things to her. :) I've heard awful stories about December birthdays, but I didn't plan it this way. She's the one who decided to make her appearance when she did. We had actually just gotten home from a family Christmas party when my water broke while laying in bed. My aunt Mel said she just couldn't wait until next year for Christmas presents.
Anyway, for her 1st "1/2 birthday" we are taking her little toesies to experience the sand and ocean!
Ella Claire, I know what a gift from God you are and I appreciate every minute I am given with you. You have already given me more than I could ever hope to give you.
I love you to the moon and back.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

the men in our lives....

Happy Father's Day to Pa Jackie

Happy Father's Day to Bim

Happy Father's Day to Grandad

And a special Father's Day Wish also goes to Pa Dickie!

Happy Father's Day!

I know everyone says that they have the best father in the WORLD, but Ella Claire really does. I could try to make a list of all the wonderful things about Bryan, but it would never end.

When we were in our childbirth class they recommended that fathers try and spend at least 15 minutes a day with their children. It was stated that statistics show that children will be happier....along with several other things....from 15 minutes a day spent with their father. Ok....maybe 15 minutes is alot to some dads, but Bryan wouldn't know what to do if that was all he had with Ella Claire. I know that we're lucky because Bryan's job allows him to be home alot with us, but I also know that Bryan does things because he wants to and that he always puts Ella Claire and myself first.

Everyday Bryan is the first to get up when he hears Ella Claire awake. I just stopped nursing her, but he used bring her to me to nurse. Now, he normally gives her the 1st bottle in the morning. So, I can try and catch up on some sleep that I missed the past 6 months. While I was nursing he felt that it was really important that he and Ella have their time together. He wanted it to be bath and bed time. So, our routine is that most nights Bryan does the 4 Bs with Ella Claire also: Bath, Bedtime book/prayer, Bottle and Bed. Since he's off all summer Ella stays with him while I make home visits with my kids during the summer months. He does everything that I do...EVERYDAY. My family even jokes about how protective of her he is, but Bryan wouldn't dream of it being any other way.
I knew Bryan would be a wonderful father because of who he is, but he even surprised me. He talks about wanting to go play golf, but hasn't even once since she has been born. He says he can't wait for her to be old enough to just go with him. He quit coaching because he said he would rather be spending that time with Ella Claire. He just really enjoys being with his daughter. As much as he enjoys it....I know Ella Claire will be the one to reap the benefits from his actions. He helps me so much around the house and he's a wonderful cook. Not to mention the emotional support that he is to me. He's my best friend and I truly love talking and spending time with him.

Thank you, Bryan, for being all I could ever want or ask for. I appreciate you and we love you more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tag You're It!

I was tagged by the sweet Ashley at Nik Naks by Ashley. Check her out!!!


1. I cannot stand dirty clothes in my house. I do laundry everyday. It bothers me to know that we have a pile needing to be washed. I actually have a hard time letting enough build up to have a large load.

2. I am not a big sweets eater. I would much rather have something salty!

3. I balance my checkbook down to the penny! We are Dave Ramsey fans.

4. I'm a PICKY eater. I mean...literally.... I pick at my food. It drives Bryan crazy. I love to eat and I love all types of foods. However, I will tear my sandwich/hamburger apart, break things into, cut them up, eat things separately (like each item on a hamburger or items one at a time in a salad or taco, etc). Weird, I know.

5. I hate to spend money! I have gotten a little better because of Ella Claire. I do enjoy shopping for her now. It doesn't bother me when it is something for her, but otherwise forget it. Some people call it CHEAP....Some say I'm a really good SAVER!

6. I hate summer clothes! (shorts, bathing suits, tanks) I would love to live somewhere with cool weather all year.

7. We have a tradition at our house to tell each other our highs and lows of the day everynight before bed. My high most days is seeing/hearing Ella Claire's sweet laugh! Then, we roll over and I can't fall asleep unless my leg is touching Bryan's.

Now, I am supposed to tag seven people. I'm tagging Wesley Caroline and anyone else who hasn't been tagged, so if you are reading this and haven't been tagged, consider yourself "tagged" by me!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alli is 9!

Allison Brooke turned 9 last Sunday.

This is an old picture of one night when Alli spent the night with us and we put together Bree's Christmas present. We would stay up late and play clue and then she would sleep right in the middle of us....... kicking all night. :) This is at one of Ella Claire's baby showers.

I forgot last weekend between ballgames, birthday parties and cookouts to post about my niece's birthday. Even though we celebrated last Saturday I wanted to post some pictures of her.
We love you, Alli!

Fun in the Sun!

5 Generations
My poor Dad wouldn't know what to do if Wes or I ever have a boy! LOL

Ella Claire loves the water.

We are looking forward to Mommy and Me swimming lessons next month.

My sweet girl

Wheww....we have been so busy lately and it doesn't look like we are going to slow down anytime soon. Ella Claire is growing like a weed. I just can't believe that she is going on 6 months. She is rolling over, laughing and eating all of the time. She's trying her hardest to pull up and sit on her own. Since my last post we have started actual baby food. We are still working on vegetables, but should start some of the fruits this week. She still likes her cereal also. She is such a good eater. I guess she comes by that honestly.

On another note....We are really enjoying summer. We bought Ella Claire a baby pool and she loves it. She kept looking at us like, "You mean I get to take a bath outside?" 2 of her favorite things bath and being outside :) We also enjoyed Relay 4 Life on Friday night after Bree's ballgame. I started running and working out last week as well. I haven't worked out since I found out I was pregnant last May. So, needless to was long overdue. I still have about 20-25 pounds of baby weight to lose and I've promised myself I am going to do it before baby #2 comes along. If only I had appreciated how good of shape I was in a year ago. Oh well...we live and learn, right? I've never really had to diet or exercise. I did for fun or obsession, but now I need to and don't really know how. So if anyone has suggestions to help lose the rest of my baby weight let me know please.

We are looking forward to going to Birmingham to visit family at the end of the month and then....on to the beach we go. My whole family is going....aunts, grandparents and all. We've not done this in a long time. So, this should be lots of fun. We also have MOMMY AND ME SWIMMING LESSONS, along with Aunt Wes and Bree later this summer. Wes did them with Bree at about 8 months and she has never been afraid of the water. I'm hoping Ella Claire will be the same way and that oneday she'll be on the swim team. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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