Sunday, September 27, 2009

She is getting so big.

I just thought she looked so big in this picture after church last Sunday.
She turned 21 months on Wednesday.

A few from the fair

Guess who found the mascara?

Ella Claire's 1st haircut 09-26-09

Ella Claire needed her bangs trimmed.
Thanks, Miss Bethany!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Bree Bree

Ella Claire

Bethany Tramel Photography

Check out this fantastic birthday banner at Bethany Tramel Photography. I fell in love the moment I saw it. All this pre-birthday gift stuff and Bree's birthday today has really got me in the mood to celebrate. I really want one of these little banners for Ella Claire's 2nd birthday. Visit her blog here for all of the details and other cute goodies.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breelyn Caroline's Birthday Bash

My niece, Breelyn, turns 4 tomorrow. I don't know where the time has gone. That little girl changed my life from the moment I saw her come into this world....She's an angel.

Ella Claire adores her and she's her "bestie" in the whole world. I hope they are always close.

Bree's Hello Kitty party was last night at the Manchester Rec Center. All I can say is...Wesley sure can throw a party. (I'm glad she's Ella Claire's aunt..hint hint.) We had tons of food, swimming in the outdoor and indoor pool, awesome cake, the cutest Hello Kitty pops and the coolest treat bags. (Wes, Ella loves the Hello Kitty socks, notepad and bracelets.) The kids even enjoyed playing Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light with the one and only David Craven. :) It was a blast!!!

Bree and her t-ball buddy Will
Wes and Ryan
sugar rush

The kids loved splashing and dunking Tim Parish. :)
Ella Claire's new best buddy...David

One of my favorite shots of the night!
The birthday girl more monkeys jumping on the bed

Hello Kitty Pops....made by my sis
Yes, they are as good as they look :)

Happy "early" Birthday, Ella Claire

Ella Claire has one of those "yucky" 2-day before Christmas birthdays. Bryan has said, since she was born, that he wanted to try and do something special on her 1/2 birthday each year. We were a little late with this one, but I don't think she minds. :) We also wanted to get the play set early. So, she can play this fall.

Funny Story on B - I thought we were going to get a smaller (less expensive) version. We had been looking for several months. Bryan told me to just go order it one afternoon, but I wanted him to go with me. When we got there, Bryan started asking how much to add this... and this. This is what Daddy decided on.

Notice the solar lights next to the slide. I asked him when we got home, if he was planning on letting her play in the dark. LOL Seriously, Ella Claire and I learned to take Daddy shopping with us. Being a daddy's girl sure pays off.......

This video is when Ella Claire saw it for the 1st time. (Please ignore the temper tantrum in the beginning. She thought we were making her go inside. I typically do not reward her for bad behavior. LOL)

Ella Claire's 18 month pictures

We are picture freaks at our house. W cannot have too many, especially of our sweet little girl.

These were taken by the very talented Bradford and Melanie Watson back in June. Check them out at They live in Florida, but were in Tennessee for a few weeks visiting friends and family. Bradford, Bryan and I all went to high school together. Bradford and I had been working on getting this session together since sometime last year. It was so worth the wait. Thanks, Bradford and Melanie!

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