Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Credit where credit is due........

I've had several people ask me about Ella's cakes. The Kake Lady from Manchester made them. They were fabulous. They tasted as good as they looked. The snowflakes were formed from white chocolate and the cutouts were fondant. Both layers of the main cake were strawberry and french vanilla with butter cream icing. Sooooo good!

I also wanted to thank Paula for making Ella Claire's snowflake sugar cookies for her party. They were wonderful. I honestly hated to eat them because they were so pretty. Ella is a big fan of Ms. Paula's cookies and has been for awhile now. :) Check her out at Cookies by Paula. My favorites are her Molasses Spice cookies. They are to die for......:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Girls Christmas 12-27-08

Mandy telling one of her funny stories. 
I love this girl. I only wish we got to see each other more often. 
Weezer says we're trouble when we're together. :) 
Jo and Weezer
This is what happens when I get together with my friends. 
I need to get out more.
Caroline, Man and Jen
The girls
I love these girls! 
Can't wait till next year. We missed you Jen and Les. 

Christmas Pictures

I'm not sure who loves Ella Claire's new chair more.....her or Daddy!!!!:) 
Ella Claire's pony from Alli, Jax, Uncle Chris and Aunt On-ca.
Santa brought Ella Claire a kitchen and lots of other goodies!!!!!!
Our 1st time leaving milk and cookies for Santa. 
We also left some carrots for the reindeer. 
We even sprinkled some magic reindeer food on the front porch.
Some oats and glitter to help guide Rudolph. 
playing with Rudolph and B at Gran's house on Christmas eve
They adore each other. 
Notice the cookie crumb on her chin. She got into Santa's cookies. LOL
Santa made a stop at Gran and Bim's house
Fun with cousins at Nanny and Pa Matheny's 

The Bounce Barn

The ride home. 
Sweet cousins
Ella Claire wanting to go again.

We took Ella Claire and Breelyn to The Bounce Barn for Ella Claire's actual birthday on Tuesday. They had a blast......and so did we. :) 

Riding in style

Ella Claire loves her new carseat, but she was a little unsure at first. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More birthday pics.........

Jax and Bree helped blow out the candles.

My little birthday princess
getting the hang of it
My baby girl in her birthday pj's.
checking out her new hello kitty slippers 
special visitor #1 for the birthday party

special visitor #2 
my house became Ella Claire's own Winter "One"derland

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter One-derland

Here are a few pictures from Ella's birthday party Monday night. More to come soon. Thanks to Uncle Chris and Aunt "On-ca" for these pictures. 

My sweet baby is 1 today

More to come of today and her Winter "One" derland.....last night. :) 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post # 2 and # 3 about Ella Claire

6 months
6 months
6 months
3 months
3 months
The girls in patchwork
1st time in the sand...and ocean
1st pedicure by Aunt Wes
some fun swimming
trying peas
at the drive in for the 1st time
Mother's Day
bedtime story with Daddy
1st morning in crib
1st night in crib with new pjs from Aunt Weezer..aka..Lynz Cook
trying cereal
cheering for lady vols 
Daddy's birthday in April
bath time with Daddy

Easter after church
Alli's birthday party with Pa
Easter with Bree
playing outside
Sew Sweet fashion show
getting ready for Connor's birthday party
#2 February-March-April

These months are so blurry to me. They were the colic months and I thought I would never survive. Ella Claire has always slept, but unless she was asleep.....she was crying. She slept on top of one of us throughout the colic months. She would wake up every time she touched the bassinet. She cried so much that it was honestly easier to hold her 24/7. I was still off of work for these months. So, basically I nursed her and held her around the clock. Did I mention that I had to pump for 45 minutes after every feeding session? All I have to say is I'm glad those "overproduction" days are long gone. I felt like a 24/7 buffet. Veronica cleaned my teeth today and I told her I felt like some days during this colic time I did good to take a shower and brush my teeth after Bryan got home from work. (My mommy friends who had babies with colic understand this..LOL)   

However, a very very small part of me wishes that I could go back and hold that tiny precious fussy baby again. She was mine......crying and all. :) 

In February: Ella Claire made her 1st trip to Wal-Mart. It was horrible and we vowed "we we're never doing that again." She also stayed for the 1st time at Aunt Veronica's. Veron, Alli and Jax kept her while we ran to eat at Applebee's for Valentine's Day. We had a horrible time because we couldn't think about anything else but her and were back within a hour. She also went to her 1st birthday party - Connor Williams. She was in her 1st fashion show for Sew Sweet at the mall and she was just precious.......because she slept the whole time. :) She starting smiling and noticing more things this month. She weighed 11.1 pounds at 2 months and was 23 1/4 inches long.

In March: She played outside for the first time. She started really smiling and blowing lots of spit bubbles. She was still crying, but only at certain times of the day now. She tried juice for the first time due to some potty problems. She started staying with Aunt Wes for a few hours at a time while I slowly worked my way back into work. 

In April: She slept for about 6 hours at night. She was laughing a lot. She was very close to rolling over. She weighed 12 lbs. and 2 oz. She had her first taste of cereal and pear juice. She was a little skinny at this point. So we had to work on gaining some weight. 

#3 May-June

May: We kissed colic goodbye and were able to actually leave the house!!!I was determined to get her on a schedule. I decided one night that she was going to sleep in her bed and from that night on she has. She loved it. Bryan had a much harder time with moving her to her bed.....all the way downstairs than either Ella Claire or myself did. He was pretty pitiful that first week. Since I held her all day, he usually slept with her on top of him all night. He had serious withdrawals. While I'm talking about Bryan I have to mention what a huge source of support he was during those colic months. He got up with me every time Ella Claire woke up. Every time she got up to eat, he got up with us. He would pass her off and make sure we were settled. He has been the most amazing father to her. It has always melted my heart to see how much he adores and wants to protect our little angel. She started sleeping through the night on May 5th. She slept 9 hours in her crib the very first night I put her in it. We went to Bree's very 1st t-ball game. She rolled over for the 1st time. We had our first sleep over at Aunt Wesley's (all 3 of us Bryan, Ella Claire and myself stayed with Wes and Bree one night). She stayed with Aunt Nini and Granny Ruthie for the 1st time for a few hours. She went to Alli's birthday party and started baby food. She LOVED peas. 

June: She loved loved loved baby food. Her favorites were peas, bananas, pears, applesauce and sweet potatoes. She's like her Daddy and has a sweet tooth. She was rolling around everywhere. She said Ma-Ma for the 1st time (and I had witnesses LOL.) We went to Birmingham to visit Aunt Mel and Uncle Sam. She loved swimming at their house. Then we went on to the beach at SeaSide. She loved the water and sand. She even ate some. She went to her 1st wedding at the beach. She stayed with Nanny and Pa for the 1st time this month. 

Stay tuned for the next 6 months.....:) 

and if you are wondering why I am posting all this. I am in the process of making this blog into a keepsake book for Ella Claire.  It's been a long, but very rewarding year and I want to share this with her. 

Be our friend......

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