Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diva Gone Superhero...and one goofy daddy

I caught Ella Claire and Bryan playing "Batman" this morning. She loved her cape so much that she wanted Daddy to wear one, too.

It was an interesting morning at my house. :)

I guess even super girl needs her Daddy....
and her high heels
trying to fly in heels
my goof balls.....I mean...superheroes.....


*TARA* said...

Diva is right. She is the sweetest. Love the high heels and cape. It's the perfect attire ;)

Kim C said...

How sweet. She and Lilly are really daddy's girls. Steve took her to the boat show in Nashville Pity the boys that want to date them!!

Kirby Williams said...

PRECIOUS! Ella is too sweet!

Melody said...

This kid cracks me up. I really wish I could see her and Bree more often, but at least a little goes a long way when I do...Love, Aunt Mel

teenbata20 said...

PRECIOUS! Ella is too sweet!

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Domestic Alchemist

Your little girl is gorgeous and so animated that even in photos, she still seems to be moving! No wonder she's a super hero. I'm sure she zooms around the house at unstoppable speeds.

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